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Pauline before & after

It’s never too late for a healthy change

It’s never too late for a healthy change. Another fabulous achievement from one of our amazing members. Pauline is an inspiration and a great example of what can be achieved regardless of age and experience. Here is what Pauline has to say about her own personal journey with B! Health and Fitness:

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Kieron Fowler

Golf pro has a great year

Kieron Fowler is a local golf pro, and came to B! for some help in improving his game. Over the course of the year the team at B! have designed several exercise programmes, each dedicated to improve a specific element of his golf game.

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The road to BRIC

Rosy joined B! with the intentions of improving at her favourite past time, rowing. She started personal training, with Duncan, soon after joining. During the 8 month process they worked closely together increasing her range of movement, improving her core strength and power directly related to the movements required for rowing.

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Holly Wood before & after

12 weeks to get your pre-baby figure back!

9 months following the birth of her baby daughter, Holly decided the excess weight had to go! With the help of B! Health & Fitness Personal Training she embarked upon a strict training and diet programme and the results are spectacular!

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Lose your baby weight with B! Health & Fitness

Lose your baby weight with B! Health & Fitness! Sitting behind a desk at Dorset County Council while pregnant, more than eating for two – and struggling to get rid of post-baby weight, Laura Doel from Lyme Regis has been on a mission to slim down. “I piled on the pounds when I was pregnant and like a lot of new mums, I ended up bigger than I was before Jack was born. I became really fed up with not being able to get into my clothes so decided I had to take some action,” said Laura. Read More

B! Health & Fitness challenge | Rob Coombe pt6

My four-week challenge has now come to an end and what an amazing four weeks it has been! I went back in on Monday for a fitness test, which was exactly the same test I did in my first session four weeks ago. I’d had a really long, stressful day at work on Monday so wasn’t feeling as fresh as normal but I absolutely amazed myself at how well I did. Read More

B! Health & Fitness challenge | Rob Coombe pt5

My fourth week at B! Health & Fitness and I got a taster for some of the classes on offer. I started on Monday morning at 9:15am with RIGorous. What a way to start the week that is! It’s a bit like circuits but using the equipment in and around the rig on the gym floor. We had a group of nine people in the class and so had nine different stations to move around with a 40 second work out on each. I managed the first two circuits relatively comfortably but the third and fourth times round were a real challenge! I won’t lie, it is tough, but you can go at your own pace and Craig, who took the class, is full of encouragement and helps you push yourself as much as you can. Read More

B! Health & Fitness challenge | Rob Coombe pt4

My third week at B! Health & Fitness was personal training week! After a heavy weekend away in Barcelona on a stag do I was still pretty tired on Monday and I was a little apprehensive about how my first personal training session would go, but after the past couple of weeks, I knew I would feel great afterwards so I was still motivated. Read More

B! Health & Fitness challenge | Rob Coombe pt3

After a great first week I was back at the gym after work on Monday feeling great and looking forward to my next couple of sessions. Again I was struck with how much space there was considering it was Monday night and probably the most popular time for people to train. There were no issues with having to wait for any equipment at all, you can just get on with your workout; it really does make a huge difference. Read More

B! Health & Fitness challenge | Rob Coombe pt2

After an indulgent weekend and a stressful Monday at work, I headed straight to B! Health & Fitness really motivated to see what it was like and to sweat some of the bad stuff out of my body! My first impressions were really good. I was met by a very friendly Duncan who was going to be doing my induction and putting me through my paces. There was a good mix of people using the gym, who were all clearly trying to achieve different things, which made a refreshing change from the normal assumption that gyms are full of men using weights looking at themselves in the mirror! Read More

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