Welcome to the Team!

In this part of our website we could splurt out all the usual garbage about “being passionate about fitness, blah, blah, blah” but we believe that should be a given if you work in the fitness industry. No, our goal is plain and simple, to provide our members with a professional, comfortable and friendly environment in which to achieve their fitness goals. Then our role is to ensure you are competent to use the equipment and help you with your programme and motivation so that you can succeed. Of course some people like that extra helping hand and one to one support. Thus you’ll see our full-time B! instructors are all qualified Personal Trainers. Take a look in more detail to see whose who and what we can do!

  • Craig Bernhardt

    Craig Bernhardt

    Founder / Personal Trainer

  • Duncan Bryant

    Duncan Bryant

    Personal Trainer

  • Scott Bean

    Scott Bean

    Personal Trainer

  • Josh Armytage

    Josh Armytage

    Gym Instructor

  • Charlotte Bernhardt

    Charlotte Bernhardt


  • Jacob Swain

    Jacob Swain

    Personal Trainer

  • Charlotte Skelding

    Charlotte Skelding

    Gym Instructor / Personal Trainer

  • Ryan Sumpter

    Ryan Sumpter

    Gym Instructor

  • Gemma Robertson

    Gemma Robertson

    Gym Instructor

  • Abby Raddon

    Abby Raddon

    Sports Physiotherapist

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