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Gym Rules During Unstaffed Hours

  • The Gym is available for use 24/7 by members who hold any active 6 or 12 month membership. If a member brings in a non-member outside staffed hours and allows that member to use the facility unauthorised, we will retain the right to charge a penalty fee of £25. When using the Gym during unstaffed hours members do so at their own risk and must only use equipment that they are familiar with and confident to operate safely.
  • The Gym will be staffed between 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm Saturday. The Gym will be unstaffed at all other times including Sundays and certain bank holidays. (These will be notified to members in advance via email and the Members Notice Board).
  • When using the Gym during unstaffed hours members will ONLY be able to gain access via the QR code on their member app. This QR code must be presented to the reader at the front entrance door. If a membership has any current payment issues the door will not unlock. Once inside the Gym you will be required to scan in at reception as usual.
  • External Security Services (Cerberus) will monitor our CCTV system when the Gym is unstaffed. For your own safety and that of others, you must use clips on the plate loaded Barbells.
  • Our door camera operates per scan and will detect 1 person per door entry scan. Members must maintain personal hygiene whilst using the gym facilities. Members should be respectful of other gym users and staff at all times.
  • Cerberus Security will monitor every door entry activation and ensure only one person enters the facility per scan. All mobile phone calls MUST be taken off the gym floor.
  • Outside of manned hours – Reception, Studios 1 & 2 and the first floor staff office areas will be controlled by zonal CCTV and monitored by Cerberus Security.
  • If using the Gym during unstaffed hours and when there are less than 5 other members on the premises, every member MUST take a panic alarm (clearly identified in the entrance area) and keep it close to them at all times. To activate the panic alarm both buttons must be pressed simultaneously. This will activate our internal alarm system and alert Cerberus who will in turn notify the emergency services.
  • All panic alarms must be returned on exit.
  • All lighting within the club is set to auto timers. The timers are set to allow sufficient time for moving around the club but will switch off if no motion is detected for protracted periods of time. Please be aware of this and avoid significant periods of inactivity. At no time should a member adjust manual lighting switches as this will disrupt the automation.
  • When using the Gym outside of the hours of 7am to 10pm please be respectful of local residents and arrive / exit the premises quietly.
  • All existing Gym Rules still apply during unstaffed hours. Any access into unauthorised areas or breach of these Gym Rules may result in additional charges being payable and/or termination of membership.