B! Health & Fitness




  • When using the facilities, members must wear sports clothing and footwear that is both clean and suitable for exercise. You may be required to remove your footwear for certain classes. However, when leaving the class please ensure that you are wearing your footwear again.
  • All equipment must be used in the manner it is intended. Failure to do so may result in injury to yourself or others for which B! Health & Fitness cannot be held responsible. Please ask a member of gym staff if you are unsure on how to use any of the equipment.
  • Equipment must be left clean and usable for the next member. Tissue and disinfectant spray is provided for this. Please inform a member of staff if these have run out.
  • If using free weights, plates should be removed after use and dumbbell/bars/plates should all be returned to their storage area. Weights (whether free standing or fixed path machines) must not be dropped or thrown during or after usage.
  • For your own safety and that of others, you must use clips on the plate loaded Barbells.
  • Any damage caused to our equipment or facility may be charged back to the member.
  • Members must maintain personal hygiene whilst using the gym facilities. Members should be respectful of other gym users and staff at all times.
  • At busy times please be use the machines and weights responsibly. Allow others to use equipment in between sets and rest periods. Please respect a maximum of 3 in a training group.
  • All mobile phone calls MUST be taken off the gym floor.
  • All personal belongings and/or gym bags are brought at your own risk and should be kept securely in the lockers provided.
  • Please do not take photographs/videos on the premises or post remarks to any social media platform that may identify another member, without prior consent from that member.
  • Only B! Health & Fitness personal trainers are permitted to provide personal training services on these premises. Any person believed to be violating this rule will be asked to leave immediately.
  • You may not bring, use or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on these premises. Should this happen, in the opinion of B! staff, you will be asked to leave the premises.
  • No stringer-style vest tops or posers please.  We are here to train. Admiring yourself in the mirror can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • No chalk or liquid chalk.
  • No chewing gum or eating on the gym floor.
  • All drinks are to be in a sealed container with a lid.
  • You are asked to arrive 5 minutes prior to any bookable events, such as Classes, Inductions or PT sessions. If you are not on time you may be turned away.
  • Payment must be made when booking a class (unless included in your membership).
  • Last entry to the facility is 45 minutes prior to closing.