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Holly – 12 weeks to get your pre-baby figure back!

9 months following the birth of her baby daughter, Holly decided the excess weight had to go! With the help of B! Health & Fitness Personal Training she embarked upon a strict training and diet programme and the results are spectacular!

With a Trainer to support and motivate her, Holly started with 2 weeks of steady progressive cardio and strength work.  After the initial expected muscle soreness subsided the weight began to fall away and a new energetic Holly emerged. The schedule included 2 sessions a week with her allocated PT, Holly then trained on her own once or twice a week depending on commitments. Holly applied all the nutrition help given to her by the staff, and made sure that the intensity of her own sessions was in line with what was expected of her. She has made incredible progress and all the team are very proud of her achievements. Well done Holly.

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