Jackie – Change your life

In February 2017, Jackie experienced a very tragic personal situation in her family. It forced her to reflect on the realisation that longevity of life is not something any of us should take for granted. As someone who was overweight, not very fit, was a drinker and had previously smoked, Jackie was struggling to cope with the situation. She felt depressed and suffered very high anxiety, as well as disliking how she looked in the mirror and in her clothes.

On relocating to Devon from Poole, Jackie joined B! Health & Fitness and was appointed a personal trainer. In January 2018, Jackie started with two sessions per week. Fast forward to May 2018, and after struggling to get through just one session, Jackie was now having 3 sessions a week and could dead-lift 40kg!

After losing weight and lowering her cholesterol, Jackie now feels full of energy and life! The key thing Jackie loves about B! is that she is a member of a private club and is delighted by the friendly atmosphere. The dedicated staff really understood the goals she wanted to achieve, both physically and mentally. Her experience at B! led her to change the habits of a lifetime.

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