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Juliet – a member since the beginning

Juliet is an absolute trouper! She has been ever-present at B! since the start and has always given 100%. She never backs down from a challenge and has significantly changed her body shape and mindset…all whilst committing to a 50 mile round trip at times!

Here’s what Juliet has to say:

‘I started having personal training soon after B! opened their doors in Lyme Regis. It continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. There are countless reasons as to having a PT and Duncan always creates a unique programme tailored to my individual needs and goals. There have been a few occasions where I have had obstacles that might have prevented me from training, but Duncan and the amazing team at B! have been able to accommodate injuries by tailoring PT and classes using their expertise in health and fitness.

Duncan spends time during each session showing me the correct technique and form for my workouts to avoid bad habits and injuries. He has a unique ability even now, almost 3 years later to continuously challenge my abilities and push me to levels of fitness that I simply could not achieve on my own. Having personal training has given me the confidence and motivation to succeed with my fitness!’

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