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Kate – always on the go!

Kate has always had an objective to train for, which has made working with her very interesting.

We may train for several months specifically for a long hike across challenging terrain, and then almost immediately change for something different such as the London to Brighton Cycle event. Kate has always been responsible for her own cardio exercise and is a great client to work with as she very rarely lets anything beat her. We have mainly focused on strength and muscular stamina, and in between challenges we maintain a general all over body routine split across two sessions per week.

Here is what Kate has to say about training at B!…

“I joined B! Health & Fitness in Lyme Regis when it opened in January 2015. I’ve always kept myself fit and active, with a busy life and two dogs to walk. I started to have PT with Craig soon after joining, on the recommendation of my sister who had been working with Craig after having her first baby, and I was blown away by the results she had achieved! Since having PT I’ve cycled the London to Brighton bike ride, run a half marathon and taken part and completed two 100km walking challenges. With the help of Craig who tailors my workouts to suit, I have sailed through these challenges and am looking for more!”

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