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Kerrie Money – An amazing and inspiring individual

Kerrie is an amazing and inspiring individual, who continues to impress us all at B! Health & Fitness with her drive and positive attitude.

Kerrie lives with Cerebral Palsy but doesn’t allow this to stop her setting challenges and breaking boundaries. Kerrie is always focused on improving what she can achieve both mentally and physically. It has been a pleasure in assisting her with her strength, mobility, and confidence…especially as her previous experience of gyms had been a negative one. Regular communication with members should ensure that people are never left doing the same thing over and over with little or no positive result. Disability should not place limitations on what an individual can achieve. Exercise adaptation is only limited by lack of creativity and/or laziness of those who lack willingness to put in the work for a client.

Over the last 12 months Kerrie has felt so many benefits from working with the team at B!, Kerrie is able to stand for longer periods of time, her posture has improved greatly and due to all the stretching exercises Kerrie’s legs are so much more relaxed that she is able to sleep much more comfortably. Previously her legs were very bent at the knee meaning she was unable to lay in a flat position, the improvement in this position is remarkable. Kerrie’s coordination and dexterity are also much improved which has really helped with her cooking skills and with general jobs around the home.

When I asked Kerrie about her time with B! most memorably what she said was how much her confidence has grown, the sense of achievement she gets when she completes exercises, she never thought possible. Kerrie said, “The team at B! have given me opportunities I never thought possible, they didn’t see me as being disabled and therefore unable to do, they adapted exercises and equipment to ensure I could, I am so grateful to them all and so excited to see what we can do together in the future“.

Following a year of being with B! her son, Barnabie was getting married. The big day arrived, Kerrie’s goal for a long time was to dance alongside her son Barnabie in her wheelchair but whilst standing without any equipment for the whole song. When the time came, it was a magical and emotional moment for the family, and all involved in helping Kerrie achieve her goal.

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