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A dedicated coach, a personalised plan, support, motivation = results. Having your own personal coach to mentor you is priceless. B! Health & Fitness firmly believes that ‘personal training’ should mean exactly that.

Our dedicated Personal Trainers are 100% focused on you and reaching your goals. Having a Personal Trainer can help define your muscles and lose fat from your body for that healthy, sculpted look. We will create a personalised plan together that will support and motivate you. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, B! Health & Fitness Lyme Regis and Honiton is in your corner.

Important Note: Any PT Sessions cancelled with less than 12 hours notice will be charged in full.
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Personal Training Client Agreement
I, the client, understand and agree to the following points:

  • This agreement is between myself and B! Health & Fitness Ltd for the provision of Personal Training (PT) services by a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer (PT).
  • 12-hours’ notice will be required for cancelling a session. I understand that if 12-hours’ notice is not given then the fee for that session will stand. If the session is part of a block booking, 1 session will be docked accordingly.
  • If I receive credit for a missed session, the credit must be used within 60-days of the missed session, or it will expire.
  • If I am not on time for a session(s), the session(s) may be cut short and the full fee applied.
  • I must read and adhere to all rules of B! Health & Fitness.
  • I must read and adhere to health commitment statement of B! Health & Fitness.
  • I have control of the workout and may terminate a particular exercise or workout at any time.
  • Appropriate athletic footwear and comfortable gym clothing must be worn.
  • After purchasing a single PT Session, if it is not used after 1 month then it will expire. In this instance, no session can be kept as a credit, or transferred to another client (existing or new).
  • Block bookings are not refundable. Please ensure you are able to commit to the duration of the booking.  Should you be instructed not to exercise by your GP or Consultant then, upon receipt of written confirmation from your GP, a refund will be authorised minus any block booking discount.
  • Results will differ for clients based upon various factors including without limitation; body type, nutrition and lifestyle choices made away from B! Health & Fitness etc. Therefore no guarantees of results can be given.
  • I am aware of the need to disclose all medical and exercise limiting conditions to the Personal Trainer. This is to be done at the beginning of the programme and immediately if anything should arise during the course training together.
  • While it is preferred to build a relationship with one PT, situations may arise where this continuity is not possible. In this event, another qualified PT will be made available and no refunds are given.

At B! Health & Fitness all our Personal Trainers act with the utmost professionalism at all times. As the client, you must be aware that personal training can involve some physical contact between PT and client to ensure proper form and technique. However, as the client, you can opt out of this if it is something you feel uncomfortable with. If this is indeed the case, please inform us before training begins.

I, Personal Trainer, understand and agree to the following points;

  • If I am not on time for sessions, the time will be made up at that session or a subsequent session.
  • Upon cancellation of a session, by me, a follow-up session will be made available to the client. However, if the client wishes to keep their original time slot, B! Health & Fitness will offer the services of another Personal Trainer if available.
  • I can terminate a particular exercise or entire workout at any time if I believe that the client is not in suitable condition for exercise.

Personal Training requires a commitment from both parties in order to reach the results that the client aspires to. At B! Health & Fitness our Personal Trainers will do all that is needed to provide you, the client, with all the tools required to give you those results. However, optimal results will only be achieved if you commit to following a healthy lifestyle. Aim to exercise a minimum of 3 times a week, follow the advice given to you, limit alcohol and unhealthy foods, make sure you get adequate sleep and ensure hydration/energy levels are appropriate before each PT session.

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We’re all different. So it stands to reason that our Personal Training is expertly tailored to the individual. We take the time to fully understand your current state of health, likes and dislikes, past and present injuries, body measurements and current lifestyle.

During your B! assessment, we will calculate and explain your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), discuss your aspirations and desired results. This will shape your future sessions and your goals will be more attainable.

We will develop a bespoke plan to help you with everything from muscle definition to fat loss or a combination of both, training for a sport and improved self-esteem. If you stick with our Personal Trainers, you’ll enjoy the results! For a PT programme tailored to your goals, call us today.