Sports Therapy

Dedicated Personal Plan

Ensuring Injury Doesn’t Get In The Way Of Progress

Training correctly and at the right intensity, while eating a well-balanced diet, will certainly help you achieve your fitness goals. However, from time to time injuries do occur; and they don’t have to be particularly major to affect your progress. If aches, pains or strains do flare up, B! Health & Fitness works with excellent sports and musculoskeletal therapists who can help speed up the recovery process and get you back on track!

Sports Therapy specialises in injuries and issues related to sports people, but at B! we work with the highly qualified ReBalance Injury Clinic staff, using their expert knowledge to offer the best care to anyone regardless of fitness level. Injury management and prevention strategies are provided to help your performance so whether you’re a fitness beginner or a professional athlete, B! & ReBalance Injury Clinic can help you return to sport as soon as possible.

For individuals, teams, clubs contact ReBalance Injury Clinic today. No matter what your fitness level, if you have pain, decreased function, or discomfort, we will help you get back on track.

All existing club Members will receive a £5 discount on injury assessments.

To request an appointment, either give us a call on 07800 636101 (ReBalance Injury Clinic) or fill in our form below: