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Here at B! Health & Fitness we aim to provide a professional, well-equipped, clean environment in which our members can train safely and comfortably. But don’t just take our word for it! Let our members do the talking…

Juliet Quick
"We all have different goals at B Health and Fitness. Vaporize is an amazing fired up, lung bursting, sweat soaking intense cardio class, burning an insane number of calories in an hour! It's energizing and exhilarating and it leaves you hungry for more...! If you seriously want to challenge yourself, then this class is for you! LOVE IT!"
Gemma Smith-Dure
"Haven't joined a gym in years! But this place is so welcoming and the classes are amazing! Really enjoying my sessions at this gym."
Rob Coombe
"The best decision I ever made was to join this gym. The team are incredibly friendly, knowledgable and helpful. The equipment is the best around bar none and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend B! Health & Fitness to everybody!"
Mark Taylor
"A very welcoming gym with superb equipment and friendly, professional staff who are always there to help when needed. Highly recommend!"
Magdalena Witkowska
"If you haven't already you'd better sign up soon. The best decision I've made in a long time was to go up there and join. What a team of dedicated, passionate, committed and friendly, caring people. They make you feel like home, always there to help and support you, their priority is always you and the goal you would like to reach."
Chris Cadby
"A great gym - no poseurs just friendly knowledgeable staff and good equipment for all abilities."
Heidi Wilbor
"If you are looking for a way to totally transform your approach to exercise and healthy eating then I would really recommend joining B! Health and Fitness. I had never used a personal trainer before and was initially nervous about what the experience would be like. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Scott has been training me over the last 6 months and I only have really positive things to say about how he has helped me during that time. He is always adding new exercises to our training session and will continually push me to make sure I work to my maximum capability. Each personal training session is always fun and the approach he takes means you work hard but enjoy it at the same time. In addition to the training programs I've also been given plenty of good advice regarding my diet and the ways to improve it to compliment the training and assist me in reaching my goals. The progress I have made is amazing, I've dropped 3 dress sizes, lost over 2 1/2 stone and my overall fitness levels are the best they have ever been. Alongside the training there are plenty of classes to join which will motivate you in different ways, you'll learn even more new exercises and meet like minded friendly people. If you feel worried about joining a gym then you wont feel like that at B! Health & Fitness, all the staff are professional, knowledgeable and friendly and will make you feel comfortable and you’ll feel part of the B! family really quickly."
Mrs C

"Having had a stressful full-time job for many years that left little time or energy for attending regular classes at a gym I was out of shape, overweight and generally in need of some serious toning. I joined B! Health and Fitness primarily for the range of studio classes that they offered and now, six months later I feel transformed. From the outset, I've been delighted with the friendly, caring and professional team who treat every member as an individual, and who most importantly, understand the differences in abilities between those who are super-fit and others who haven't exercised for some time and who may be struggling. I am so pleased that I joined B! Health and Fitness and whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a clean, friendly gym with a great selection of studio classes."

Mercedes Conner
"In love with this establishment and its ethos. The staff are amazing, supportive and considerate and the equipment and the environment are second to none!"
Shelley Larcombe
"Excellent induction by Josh. Thank you. I will enjoy my workout time even more now with my new programme to follow. Roll on Monday ! Always welcomed by friendly staff on reception, always someone around if any questions need answering. Clean well equipped gym. Highly recommend membership!"
Charlotte Hardie-East
"A really professional outfit run by a really professional team. Highly recommend."
Tawfiq Alsadani
"I joined the Lyme Regis gym in its first year of 2015, you don't have to be experienced to use this gym because the B! Team work with you step by step and they certainly look after you. It has a clean and friendly atmosphere and latest equipment... and they play good music! I wish the B! Team and B! Gym all the success and good luck in the future."
Rosy Jeffery
"I love this gym.  And I love rowing.  I joined the gym with the intention of developing my strength and fitness to enhance my rowing.  Duncan as my brilliant personal trainer has helped me do just that, and he his helping me to find out what I am capable of.  I love the process – it is exciting, fun and rewarding.  Winning my age group at the British Rowing Indoor Championship with a personal best (which stood for 6 years) is the icing on the cake.  I am looking forward to training here and discovering more throughout 2017 and beyond!"
Jake Knight
"Since joining B!, I have made the most progress in my training. Mainly due to the knowledge of the staff and the programs they can provide. They really work with you to reach goals and always bring a warm welcoming atmosphere to the gym, its always clean and well maintained unlike most gyms. I haven't tried the classes but hear they are great motivators in getting fit!"
Juliet Quick
"I joined B! a month after it opened their doors… and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. A few months after joining, I was really enjoying the variety of classes on offer but I wanted to achieve more. So I enquired about Personal Training. I have been having PT for just over 2 years…what a difference it has made! Not only to me physical well-being but also my emotional well-being too. As a cardiac nurse for the NHS, some days can be incredibly stressful. Having PT allows me to unwind and have some me time. My Personal Trainer, Duncan, has really helped me develop a positive attitude towards my fitness. My strength and fitness have improved to a level that previously I wouldn’t have been able to achieve. I’m always encouraged to do better; sessions are tailored individually towards my goals, are always interesting and always push me to limits I simply cannot achieve on my own. I have been helped with my diet too, giving me advice on healthier food choices, which in turn improves my energy levels during PT sessions, classes and whilst at work. Duncan is truly committed to ensuring my PT sessions are hard but enjoyable, and I’m so thankful for all that he has helped me achieve. I can’t recommend Duncan highly enough!!"
Kieron Fowler
"Since working with B! Health and Fitness, I have achieved some of the best results of my career. The exercises and workouts I have been given by the experts at B! have not only got rid of any injuries I had picked up through bad training, but it has also given me a psychological advantage as I know I am prepared physically for any changes I need to face. The obvious progression in my game has been the increase in distance off the tee and fitness throughout the round, but the most important one for me is that I feel I can do a full training session on the golf course, a good workout in the gym, and still get up the next day not feeling any pain, all I feel is the benefit of the hard work being put in. Thank you to everyone at B! Health and Fitness for the support."
Pauline Lawrence
"I had done very little exercise and I ate what I wanted. I decided that it was time to sort myself out as the weight was slowly going up. I started the gym in February 2016 after having lost 6 pounds on my own and I was hoping to lose a bit more, but knew that I now needed help. I therefore joined B! Health and Fitness in Lyme Regis and I am so glad I did! Over the last 18 months I have lost a further 2 1/2 stone,  and I couldn't have done it without the help of all the staff encouraging me and giving me lots of advice. I am now 64, have never felt better and love the gym. I go three times a week for an hour and twenty minutes, and it just proves that you're never too old to change."  
Alethea Mcloughlin
"I worked in London for 23 years and was always a member of various gyms and B! Health and Fitness is just as good as any I've been to before. Very clean, lovely equipment and attentive staff. A really friendly environment. However fit you are you will feel comfortable in these surrounding. Members are really friendly too."
Christina Hankin
"Awesome gym. Great atmosphere. Great staff. Really enjoy training there."
Laura Doel

"I joined the gym when it first opened in 2015 and it's the only gym I have ever enjoyed and stuck at. I have had regular PTs which have transformed the way I exercise and my overall eating habits. Being someone who gets easily bored with the same training routines Craig and the rest of team B! always offer new and interesting ways of training and the classes are great fun and high energy."

Kieron Fowler
"I have worked with the team at B! Health and Fitness for about a year now. After working with top class trainers in America and Spain I can confidently say the team at B! are the best of all of them. They meet my every need within my sport, whether I am looking for strength, stamina or flexibility, they have devised an outstanding program to suit. I have gained 10 yards with all my clubs and I have got rid of my lower back pain that I have always suffered with from playing lots of golf. I put my full trust in the team and they never disappoint. Not only do they have great trainers, they also keep the gym in impeccable condition. There is a vast range of clean equipment to meet your every need, no matter what your goal. There are also water stations around to keep you hydrated whilst training. Whilst working with B! Health and Fitness, I have had a 6th place finish in the PGA golf national assistants championships of England, finished 3rd in the Dorset and Wiltshire order of merit and had one of my best seasons to date. This is no doubt thanks to the hard work of Duncan and the team at B!."
Philippa Headley
Great gym and incredibly friendly. Good range of classes with very professional and helpful instructors. Would highly recommend.
Alice Shuttleworth
"This place rocks! If you haven't visited yet - do."
Mia Marchant-John

"Just a little note to personally congratulate you all, on your excellent facilities and studio classes. The importance of exercise to suit all needs and capabilities is inspirational and motivating and always with an element of fun in small classes designed for us all. Supported by some of your members, they too have only praise for the professional, courteous, accommodating and welcoming staff. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble. Since joining you some four months ago, I have felt more energetic and gained definition. I look forward to joining you later, for another great Shape and Tone class while in your lovely Studio overlooking Lyme Bay and the Jurassic Coast. A very big thank you Duncan for your own personal attention and great classes."

Lana Hughes
"I recently was having PT sessions with Craig and it was excellent. Within a very short period of time my strength and fitness had increased enormously and my knowledge of fitness too! Craig was really supportive and great fun, whilst also creating some very tough sessions! The PT sessions were tailored to what I want to achieve and I couldn't have got to where I am without these sessions, I only sadly had to stop because of personal circumstances. Thank you Craig, I am also enjoying being a member of B! as everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Thank you for supporting me on my journey, only 19 weeks left until my goal now!"
Nick Hooper
Just been up to the VIP evening, omg it's awesome! All signed up and raring to go. Hopefully, I will get the all clear to start training, albeit very lightly, from my surgeon on the 22nd and the physio on the 28th otherwise it may be cardio only for a bit. Craig and the rest of the team should be immensely proud of what they have achieved, this is exactly what the area needs! Roll on Jan 2nd. I've trained at a lot of gyms over the years, some very small and others large franchises, but this is the first time that I've walked in and felt confident that all the staff actually know what they are doing. Obviously, at my age and with my injury I need to feel that I am in safe hands and today I felt that!

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