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Each of our members has their own reason for joining with their own personal goals, and with the support of the team at B! Health & Fitness, they can achieve and surpass these goals. Some of our members have been kind enough to share their success stories and their views on B! Health & Fitness.

Kate – always on the go!

Kate has always had an objective to train for, which has made working with her very interesting.

We may train for several months specifically for a long hike across challenging terrain, and then almost immediately change for something different such as the London to Brighton Cycle event. Kate has always been responsible for her own cardio exercise and is a great client to work with as she very rarely lets anything beat her. We have mainly focused on strength and muscular stamina, and in between challenges we maintain a general all over body routine split across two sessions per week.

Here is what Kate has to say about training at B!…

“I joined B! Health & Fitness in Lyme Regis when it opened in January 2015. I’ve always kept myself fit and active, with a busy life and two dogs to walk.
I started to have PT with Craig soon after joining, on the recommendation of my sister who had been working with Craig after having her first baby, and I was blown away by the results she had achieved!
Since having PT I’ve cycled the London to Brighton bike ride, run a half marathon and taken part and completed two 100km walking challenges. With the help of Craig who tailors my workouts to suit, I have sailed through these challenges and am looking for more!”

Maddie – Ready for the big day

Maddie had been threatening to join us at B! for about a year before making her plunge, spurred on by her mother who has been ever-present since we opened. Maddie is a great example of what a mixture of consistent personal training and frequent class attendance can do for you.

Here is what Maddie had to say:

“I started my personal training with Duncan in October 2016 just after I got engaged, and since then I have lost well over a stone and completely changed my body shape.

It’s literally been the best thing I’ve ever done, and it helped me achieve my goal weight for my wedding day. I felt fantastic for the big day and I have no doubt it’s all because of my PT sessions. We’ve spent a lot of time lifting weights, which at first I wasn’t sure about…but it’s made all the difference and now I love it!

Duncan makes each session fun and exciting, and it’s been great having expert help with my diet plan too. Before I started going to B! I had been going on and off to gyms but never enjoyed it, as soon I started at B! I was hooked, the staff are all so friendly and so encouraging and not at all intimidating.”


Maureen – Age is no barrier

Having been a member of our Lyme Regis club for several months, Maureen Reed starting having personal training sessions in October 2015.

Her strength and cardiovascular fitness continued to improve impressively, but in 2017 Maureen suffered problems with gallstones which resulted in surgery to remove the stones and the gallbladder itself. After several months of recovery, Maureen returned to the gym and started a gentle programme to rebuild her strength. At 72, she’s a true inspiration.

This is what Maureen has to say about B! Health & Fitness: ‘Joining B! was one of the best decisions I have made, it is far superior to any other club I have joined. I was made very welcome by all the team straight away. My consultant told me it was my fitness level that got me through the operations and made for a quicker recovery. I am now getting back to where I was months ago thanks to Craig who has been my PT and recently worked out a new program for me which I am really enjoying. Age is no barrier to keeping fit!’

Jason – Get your motivation back

Jason is a fisherman who works long hours away, and his weight had increased to 24 stone. Nine years ago through hard work and determination, Jason lost an impressive 9 stone. But life threw some challenges at him and he lost the momentum to keep going, meaning his weight crept up to 19 stone.

Unhappy with the way things were going for him, Jason joined B! Health & Fitness in February 2018. He says he was made to feel welcome from day one and felt as though he was really part of something. It was exactly the environment he needed to keep him motivated to get back on track and recommit to his weight loss and fitness programme.

When asked what it has meant to him, Jason says: “My whole experience has been a pleasant one, B! have taught me technique and how to train safely. I am now well underway to getting back in shape, and I am not only getting my confidence back, I am also getting my life back.”

Jackie – Change your life

In February 2017, Jackie experienced a very tragic personal situation in her family. It forced her to reflect on the realisation that longevity of life is not something any of us should take for granted. As someone who was overweight, not very fit, was a drinker and had previously smoked, Jackie was struggling to cope with the situation. She felt depressed and suffered very high anxiety, as well as disliking how she looked in the mirror and in her clothes.

On relocating to Devon from Poole, Jackie joined B! Health & Fitness and was appointed a personal trainer. In January 2018, Jackie started with two sessions per week. Fast forward to May 2018, and after struggling to get through just one session, Jackie was now having 3 sessions a week and could dead-lift 40kg!

After losing weight and lowering her cholesterol, Jackie now feels full of energy and life! The key thing Jackie loves about B! is that she is a member of a private club and is delighted by the friendly atmosphere. The dedicated staff really understood the goals she wanted to achieve, both physically and mentally. Her experience at B! led her to change the habits of a lifetime.

Tony and Dee – A gym for everyone

Tony and Dee had attended numerous leisure centre gyms before. They had eagerly joined, paid subscriptions, attended for a while with good intentions, before motivation and attendance both waned.

Early in 2018 when Tony and Dee saw via the local free press that a new fitness facility was opening locally, it caught their interest; it was a new year and they were keen to make a positive start to it. They decided to attend the B! Health & Fitness open evening, and after being impressed with our welcoming and motivating team, Tony and Dee signed up.

Four months on and those first impressions have not changed one bit. Tony’s previous experiences of gyms involved busy sessions, mostly younger age groups and feeling intimated and alone. The environment at B! he finds is far more relaxed with a mix of age groups, however the real benefit that has made a difference is the attentive and friendly staff. They are exceptionally skilled at being encouraging, yet discreet enough to give members space to work out alone. Tony and Dee have both embraced their new lifestyle, and there is no sign of their attendance waning!

Juliet – a member since the beginning

Juliet is an absolute trouper! She has been ever-present at B! since the start and has always given 100%. She never backs down from a challenge and has significantly changed her body shape and mindset…all whilst committing to a 50 mile round trip at times!

Here’s what Juliet has to say:

‘I started having personal training soon after B! opened their doors in Lyme Regis. It continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. There are countless reasons as to having a PT and Duncan always creates a unique programme tailored to my individual needs and goals. There have been a few occasions where I have had obstacles that might have prevented me from training, but Duncan and the amazing team at B! have been able to accommodate injuries by tailoring PT and classes using their expertise in health and fitness.

Duncan spends time during each session showing me the correct technique and form for my workouts to avoid bad habits and injuries. He has a unique ability even now, almost 3 years later to continuously challenge my abilities and push me to levels of fitness that I simply could not achieve on my own. Having personal training has given me the confidence and motivation to succeed with my fitness!’

Rosy – Gold Medal Winner

Over the last few years, Rosy has taken advantage of the Personal Training with us at B! Health & Fitness. In that time, we had worked together to achieve several personal goals. Gold at the British Indoor Rowing Championships being just one of the fantastic achievements. Next on the cards for Rosy, is to complete a half marathon and we know she’ll do really well and most importantly, enjoy it along the way.

Here is what Rosy has to say about her experience…keep up the good work Rosy!

“I have been a member of B! for nearly two and a half years, and I have had personal training with Duncan nearly every week of that time. I really enjoy the sessions with Duncan, and I love the atmosphere in the gym which is welcoming and friendly. But there is no doubt that I would not work as hard on my own, and I would not work on the aspects where I am weaker. I love the impact that B! Health & Fitness has had on my overall fitness, strength and my life!”

Nick – 7 month results

We think that Nick, at our Honiton club, has done a remarkable job in just 7 months, read what he kindly wrote about us at B! Health & Fitness.

“Hi Craig

I just thought I would send you a quick email just to say how grateful I am for all the help you and the rest of the B Team have given to me since you opened in Jan.

I have, to date, lost a total of 2 stone and 9 pounds which wouldn’t have been possible without your help and support. I have attached a couple of photos to show what I looked like at the beginning of the year and how I compare now, bit of a difference I think you will agree.

I absolutely love everything about B Health and Fitness, the staff are amazing and they have always been on hand to give me advice on how to help with my recovery following the surgery on my arm and always encourage me even when my progress was frustratingly slow. The knowledge of the staff is second to none, always ready to answer whatever questions I have.

The gym itself is first class and caters for everyone, young or old and for all abilities.

I’ve trained at many gyms over the years but this is by far the best, I can’t fault it, and I look forward to many more years of happy training.

Many thanks


Mr Tawfiq Alsadani – Member since March 2015

Known by all the staff as ‘Taff’ here is a member who is big both in stature, strength and laughter!!! In years gone by Taff was an amateur bodybuilder (we’ve seen the impressive photos) and his knowledge around the gym is excellent. You will always know when Taff is in the club by is contagious laughter! With so much experience of different gyms, we asked Taff what he thinks of B! Health & Fitness, he told us………..

“From the moment I joined B! Health & Fitness I have been treated with respect and made to feel welcome. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Craig, Duncan and the whole team. The passion for looking after people is evident and in over 3 years I have only ever seen people enjoying their exercise, whether that’s in the gym or doing classes. As a charitable person I love the fact that B! do regular events to raise money for Charity. At the end of the day B! don’t sell membership, they sell friendship”

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