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Each of our members has their own reason for joining with their own personal goals, and with the support of the team at B! Health & Fitness, they can achieve and surpass these goals. Some of our members have been kind enough to share their success stories and their views on B! Health & Fitness.

It’s never too late for a healthy change

Pauline before & afterIt’s never too late for a healthy change. Another fabulous achievement from one of our amazing members. Pauline is an inspiration and a great example of what can be achieved regardless of age and experience. Here is what Pauline has to say about her own personal journey with B! Health and Fitness:

“I had done very little exercise and I ate what I wanted. I decided that it was time to sort myself out as the weight was slowly going up. I started the gym in February 2016 after having lost 6 pounds on my own and I was hoping to lose a bit more but knew that I now needed help. I joined B! Health and Fitness in Lyme Regis and I am so glad I did!

Over the last 18 months, I have lost a further 2 1/2 stone,  and I couldn’t have done it without the help of all the staff encouraging me and giving me lots of advice.

I am now 64, have never felt better and love the gym. I go three times a week for an hour and twenty minutes, and it just proves that you’re never too old to change.”

Golf pro has a great year

Kieron FowlerKieron Fowler is a local golf pro, and came to B! for some help in improving his game. Over the course of the year the team at B! have designed several exercise programmes, each dedicated to improve a specific element of his golf game.

We have worked on his core strength, rotational speed, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, his muscular development and strength… all of which have resulted in 10 yards being added to all of his clubs and an ongoing back problem being eradicated. He has had one of his best seasons to date.

12 weeks to get your pre-baby figure back!

Holly Wood before & after9 months following the birth of her baby daughter, Holly decided the excess weight had to go! With the help of B! Health & Fitness Personal Training she embarked upon a strict training and diet programme and the results are spectacular!

With a Trainer to support and motivate her, Holly started with 2 weeks of steady progressive cardio and strength work.  After the initial expected muscle soreness subsided the weight began to fall away and a new energetic Holly emerged. The schedule included 2 sessions a week with her allocated PT, Holly then trained on her own once or twice a week depending on commitments. Holly applied all the nutrition help given to her by the staff, and made sure that the intensity of her own sessions was in line with what was expected of her. She has made incredible progress and all the team are very proud of her achievements. Well done Holly.

Click here to see what our personal training services can do for you, or call the club to speak to a member of staff.

Lose your baby weight with B! Health & Fitness

Lose your baby weight with B! Health & Fitness! Sitting behind a desk at Dorset County Council while pregnant, more than eating for two – and struggling to get rid of post-baby weight, Laura Doel from Lyme Regis has been on a mission to slim down. “I piled on the pounds when I was pregnant and like a lot of new mums, I ended up bigger than I was before Jack was born. I became really fed up with not being able to get into my clothes so decided I had to take some action,” said Laura.

“When Jack was 10 months old, luckily for me, a new health club, B! Health & Fitness opened close to where I live in Lyme Regis. I went along with a plea for help to get rid of my excess weight. At the time, I had a big holiday coming up and my main goal then was to get into a bikini.” With help, Laura has lost two stone since February and is still going strong. “I thought I would join a gym, get bored and leave. But because I joined a small, private health club I was looked after and kept motivated

“So I’ve decided to share my top tips for getting back into shape after having a baby to help others who may be in the same boat. I used to survive on sugar, caffeine and processed food which made me really tired. Now I have a very clean diet and feel fit and healthy.”

Laura’s top five tips are:
  1. Get your diet right – completely overhaul what you eat
  2. Join a gym – don’t be afraid to lift weights, it’s easier than using a running machine!
  3. Be patient – give yourself long enough for your new regime to work
  4. Don’t feel intimidated – you will soon gain confidence
  5. Use your gym sessions as that special hour away from baby/toddler land and your chance to get back into the adult world

Craig Bernhardt, Founder of private health club B! Health & Fitness in Lyme Regis, where Laura trains said: “Laura is a great example of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it. It’s not rocket science but equally, you do need an objective. If you have nothing to aim for, you’ll achieve nothing. So clearly define what your fitness goals are and then get professional help to devise your plan around exercise, diet and adequate rest. Make sure your plan makes sense to you and then own it. Be patient and make those important lifestyle changes. Just as Laura has done, you will soon look and feel so much better.”

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