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Tawfiq – Member since March 2015

Known by all the staff as ‘Taff’ here is a member who is big both in stature, strength and laughter!!! In years gone by Taff was an amateur bodybuilder (we’ve seen the impressive photos) and his knowledge around the gym is excellent. You will always know when Taff is in the club by is contagious laughter! With so much experience of different gyms, we asked Taff what he thinks of B! Health & Fitness, he told us………..

“From the moment I joined B! Health & Fitness I have been treated with respect and made to feel welcome. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Craig, Duncan and the whole team. The passion for looking after people is evident and in over 3 years I have only ever seen people enjoying their exercise, whether that’s in the gym or doing classes. As a charitable person I love the fact that B! do regular events to raise money for Charity. At the end of the day B! don’t sell membership, they sell friendship”

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