Tony and Dee – A gym for everyone

Tony and Dee had attended numerous leisure centre gyms before. They had eagerly joined, paid subscriptions, attended for a while with good intentions, before motivation and attendance both waned.

Early in 2018 when Tony and Dee saw via the local free press that a new fitness facility was opening locally, it caught their interest; it was a new year and they were keen to make a positive start to it. They decided to attend the B! Health & Fitness open evening, and after being impressed with our welcoming and motivating team, Tony and Dee signed up.

Four months on and those first impressions have not changed one bit. Tony’s previous experiences of gyms involved busy sessions, mostly younger age groups and feeling intimated and alone. The environment at B! he finds is far more relaxed with a mix of age groups, however the real benefit that has made a difference is the attentive and friendly staff. They are exceptionally skilled at being encouraging, yet discreet enough to give members space to work out alone. Tony and Dee have both embraced their new lifestyle, and there is no sign of their attendance waning!

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