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Tracy Cann – Weight loss of over 40kg

Tracy came to us in August 2022. She walked through the door 140kg and was unable to get around without using her 2 crutches due to crippling Osteoarthritis.

She was shy, anxious, embarrassed, and overweight but she was determined to make a change to her life. She just needed support, accountability, and guidance…so immediately signed up to our personal training programme. She worked out with us twice a week from the off, focusing on making the best of her very limited ranges of movement, fitness, and strength levels. We also ensured accountability with her nutritional choices and worked on her knowledge base on this topic. Over the last 12 months, she has experienced a weight loss of over 40kg, her BMI has gone from over 49 to 35.

Not only is this an amazing feat but, this has meant her consultants who have been looking after her Osteoarthritis care were happy to sign off on her having hip replacement surgery. Due to her lowered BMI, they then booked her into a low-risk centre to do so. She responded so well in surgery that this ended up as a double hip replacement. Still on the outer edges of recovery and with knee surgery being talked about, her life is about to change even further than it has already. Her ability to endure the surgery, bounce back and want to move forward testament to her newfound mental strength and well-being forged in the gym. Tracy isn’t a new lady as a result of all the work that has happened, she is the same lady…just a completely upgraded, fitter, stronger, happier, more confident version of herself with some many more doors open to her. She makes us very proud.

When asked about her journey Tracy added “Without a doubt Team B! have given me a new lease of life and if it were not for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today,  B! Health & Fitness is a very special environment, and it will always be a very special place for me, I call it “My Happy Place”, and there’s only one word to end on…….THANK-YOU!!!!!!!

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