Here at B! we recognise that not everyone wants to train on their own. You may feel anxious, out of place, demotivated or simply prefer a variety of exercise styles. Maybe you want to train with friends and enjoy yourself at the same time?

Our group studio classes are the solution. They are never dull. They will motivate you. They will push you harder. Emphasising variety, we ensure that every class feels fresh and inspirational, motivating you into the best shape of your life.

Whether you’re with friends or people you’ve never met, training with others is a proven motivator and mood-lifter and an effective way to keep fit and healthy. Our group exercise studio classes are catered to beginners through to the more experienced. A trained fitness instructor at your disposal like this is the next best thing to having your own personal trainer!

And if you and a group of friends want to train together but don’t know where to start, we also offer bespoke studio classes to shake up your routine. Talk to us about what your group are looking to achieve and B! will formulate a programme to fit your budget, timescales and goals. For the buzz of a group exercise, get in touch today and B! motivated.

The benefits of studio classes

  • Expert instructors
  • Feel part of a group
  • Learn new moves, expand your repertoire
  • Gain motivation from others
  • Enjoy the variety of group exercises

Our club timetables.

Honiton Classes

Lyme Regis Classes

*Classes cancelled with less than 12-hrs notice will not be refunded. For unlimited Memberships, two short-notice cancellations per month (less than 12-hrs notice) are allowed without charge. Further cancellations are charged a standard £5 rate.

Group Exercise Info

Click the icons below to learn more about each class and how to contact us to book your first session!

Studio Cycle

Our high-intensity spinning class. Get your heart pumping, open your lungs, push those legs and sweat your way through 45-minutes of sprints, hill climbs and intervals. Immerse yourself in the music, party to the lights, strap yourself in. This is one hell of a ride!

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a combination of strength, cardio, muscular endurance, functional movements, flexibility and core training. Everything you could possibly need! Get fit, get healthy, challenge your body, challenge your mind and have fun. You will be encouraged, not barked at, by our instructors in order to reach your potential and get the results you deserve.


The pinnacle of fitness classes here at B! This is not for the faint-hearted. Vaporize is the perfect mix of functional fitness and high-intensity bodyweight exercise. If you thought Functional Circuits was hard, try Vaporize!


A 30-minute high-intensity workout, in short, fast intervals. This bodyweight only class is perfect for a fantastic cardio blast. Heart pumping, fast-paced and lung-bursting… HITT is one of the hardest classes we offer at B! Adrenaline filled, this class is perfect for anyone who wants to really push the limits of their fitness.

Functional Circuits

Circuit Training the B! way! A full-body functional fitness class using a range of equipment, some of which you wouldn’t have used before. Our quality instructors ensure every workout is different, challenging you in each class each week! This Flagship B! Combining results both in looks, fitness and endurance, this class has seen members fitness levels soar.

Shape & Tone

Designed to shape, sculpt and tone your body. Through the use of resistance bands and light dumbbells, all body parts get a workout. Shape & Tone is excellent if you are new to classes and looking to begin your journey towards losing body fat and toning your muscles. One of our most popular classes.


fightingFIT is a martial arts inspired fitness class. It’s a unique whole body workout, teaching you practical self defence and striking combinations. Learn how to punch, knee and kick your way to a fitter, leaner you!

Studio Pump

Want to get strong, lean and toned? Then Studio Pump is definitely for you! This class is designed to work your entire body to the beat of the music using barbells, free weights and resistance bands. With all the major compound movements covered, Studio Pump will give you an incredible supercharged kick towards getting fit!

Boxercise ®

Boxercise will enable you to burn tons of calories! You’ll use your arms and legs and as time flies within the class you’ll work on movement, agility and momentum. You’ll be taught correct technique all the way through, meaning you will be able to punch faster and burn more calories!

Core Strength

This popular class focuses on the muscles that stabilise the core. Through balance and strengthening work, Core Strength will condition the supporting muscles of your spine, your abdominals and your pelvic floor region. A ‘firm’ favourite with our members!

Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga is a fun, sweaty workout which gets your endorphins going and uplifts your mood. It is a strong practice with an internal focus that builds your flexibility, intelligence and strength. Forrest Yoga is based on four pillars that support you through daily life: breath, strength, integrity and spirit. It is run as a warm Yoga as well, so our studio will have the temperature cranked up for the whole session!


Pilates is a relaxed, welcoming class with a focus to improve mindful practice, flexibility, strength, core, balance, breathing and relaxation. Open to all ages and abilities.

Pure Balance

With Yoga and Pilates inspired exercises, Pure Balance mobilises the whole body through a series of movements that takes you to the point of quality stretch. Relaxed, welcoming and open to all ages and abilities.

Yoga (Lyme Regis)

Our Hatha based Yoga class ensures a good balance between body and mind. Breathing, posture, meditation and relaxation are used to encourage a gentle ‘opening’ of the body and its muscles. There is no forcing, no pushing and no competitiveness. This class receives high praise indeed from many of our experienced Yoga attendees.

Yoga (Honiton)

Yoga is a friendly mixed ability class. Feel the benefits of a flowing dynamic proactive, stretching and strengthening the whole body, with breath work and relaxation.

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